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Meet Our Flagship Commercial UAV
Compact yet Powerful
S400E is engineered with a compact design configurable with a variety of payloads, be it scanning a building with LiDAR, finding structural damages with an infrared camera, or evacuate a crowd with a megaphone.
49 mins
Max Flight Time
3 kg
Payload Capacity
5000 m
Max Take-off Altitude
12 m/s
Max Wind-resistance Level
Builds Network and Relays Signals Across Barriers
If your drone mission takes place in an area where the data link is likely to be affected by mountains or long distances, build a network with 2 or more S400Es to relay signals, so you can still control the drone even if it's far away in a corner or down in a valley behind the mountain you're facing. Plus, you can use 1 RC to control 2 drones (1 for 2) or share the control of 1 drone with your team using 2 RCs (2 for 1).
Avoids Obstacles Day and Night
The quadrotor is equipped with millimeter wave radars and a visual system that work together to sense the environment omni-directionally, so it can avoid obstacles as thin as cables during the day and at night, reducing the probability of drone crashes.
Flies 49 mins Max
S400E can fly 49 mins max, so you can take more pics, scan a larger area, or inspect more solar panels with the long uptime.
Quad-sensor Camera
The quad-sensor camera features 3 cameras and a laser rangefinder, capable of power line fault finding, human face recognition, motion detection, and more with its enhanced abilities of target recognition, motion analysis, and image processing.
Powerful yet Backpack-friendly
When we talk about powerful, we mean the versatility we can find in S400E. It can carry 3 kgs of payload, so you have more options to work with — configure it with an infrared camera to inspect solar panels, a LiDAR Scanner to map a forest, or a delivery kit to deliver life-saving medicine to a stranded person, to name just a few. All these abilities are packed in a compact body that fits in your backpack, so you get to be flexible with drone missions in the wild.
Transmits HD Videos Up to 15 km Away
S400E is capable of transmitting high-definition videos up to 15 km away via stable data links, so you can cover a large area without moving much.
One for Many
Use S400E and a matching payload to ace jobs across industries, be it power line inspection or firefighting. Or load two different payloads onto the quadrotor to get more things done in a single flight.
All-in-one Remote Controller
The RC has a lightweight design and weighs no more than 1.25 kg even if you're using it with an external battery. It features a 7.02-inch display that peaks with 1000 nits, making itself sunlight readable.
GDU Flight Ⅱ App
GDU Flight Ⅱ is the App that we tailored for S400E. It's built right into the RC and allows you to preset flight routes for the drone to follow automatically, streamlining your workflow.
Multi-payloads Compatible
PDL-300 Dual-sensor Camera
PQL01 Quad-sensor Camera
The quad-sensor payload features a wide-angle camera, an infrared camera, a zoom camera, and a laser rangefinder. They compliment each other with their distinctive abilities and provide pilots with more perspectives in more than just one scenario.
PVL-8K Camera
PDL-300 Dual-sensor Camera
PQL01 Quad-sensor Camera
PVL-8K Camera
UAV Management Platform
The cloud-based UAV platform can collect, process, and synchronize info. Use it with GDU Flight II to upload what S400E captures.
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