Power Grid Inspection
With the help of UAV, visible and infrared visions, and drone docking station, power grid maintenance engineers may now inspect the towers and the lines in between with elevated efficiency and reduced risk.
Higher Efficiency
Remotely control drones and docking stations from the comfort of the control center, even in extreme weather conditions.
We designed our drones to be compatible with diverse types of payloads for the varied landscape of drone missions, so the only thing you need to change in the equation is the payload.
Safer Than Ever
Fly high for up-close power line inspections without having to scale the towers or walk the lines.
Power Grid Inspection
Solar Farm Inspection
Other Special Operations
Flies Long and Captures Clarity
S400E can fly up to 58 minutes. Combine that long flight time with our EO/IR cameras (PDL-300 Dual-sensor Camera) to take both visible and infrared photos for any signs of unusual heat signature, corrosion, or wear and tear.
Unmanned Operation
GDU S400E and K01 Docking Station were made for each other that you may remotely control both of them via UVER, a web-based platform for scheduling and monitoring drone missions. The best part is all the captured photos and videos will be uploaded to a cloud service when the drone lands back to the dock, so no trips along snaking routes need to be made in order to retrieve memory cards.
Automatic Route Planning
The Route Planning System automatically recognizes the type of towers and generates drone routes accordingly.
Auto-generates Reports
The data analysis system intelligently analyzes the inspection data and automatically generates an inspection report.
Key Products
Smart Power Grid Inspection Platform
Pair S400E and PDL-300 EO/IR Camera up to snap crisp visible photos (48MP) and infrared photos (640 × 512) of the panels from as many angles as possible.
Precise Temperature Measurement
We self-developed PDL-300 EO/IR Camera, which features <=50 mk@F1.0 as its NETD and ± 2% (or ± 2 °C) as its temperature measurement accuracy, to find hotspots, cracks, or inactive cells unaccessible to the naked eye.
Inspection Report Generation
The tailor-made solar farm inspection system is able to intelligently analyze the captured data and generate reports.
Key Products
PQL01 Quad-sensor Camera
High payload capacity, long flight time, and long-distance operation
Intelligent control and simple flight operation
Dual RTK anti-magnetic interference for safe operation in a close range
Compatible with a variety of payloads for diverse applications
Power Grid Inspection Service
Our rich experience in power grid inspection enables us to confidently offer professional services in this sector, including inspections on the main network, distribution network, and substations.
Substation Inspection
Detailed Inspection
Distribution Network Inspection
Corridor Inspection
Main Grid Inspection
Training Services
We provide training for those who want to get started with drone inspection in the electricity sector.
Experienced Team
Training Qualifications
Training Base
User Cases
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