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Redefining Unmanned
Designed for S400E
We designed K01 with S400E in mind. Together, they represent our latest thinking in the commercial drone industry, redefining ummaned flights with our autonomous solutions.
Barrel-shaped Cover Got You Covered
K01 has a barrel-shaped cover that rolls off foreign objects when opening, so you don't have to be onsite to do maintenance.
Cloud-based Control for Efficient Drone Patrol
Deploy the docking stations to places where you see fit and control the stations and drones via cloud service from the command center, so your team doesn't have to onsite to man the flight.
Industrial Design that Disappoints Not
We gave K01 lots of thoughts when it comes to the design, so now you're looking at a docking station that has a sci-fi feel and supports precise take-off and landing anytime during the day.
Smart lighting
Built-in air conditioner for a drone-friendly environment
Highly integrated electric control box and UPS
Reliable Performance and All-round Protection
Functions in windy and rainy days. Stands by 24/7.
Battery Health Management
Overdcharging and overdischarging protection for a healthier battery life
Backup Power Supply
K01 has a backup power supply that empowers the station to function as usual 4 hours into a power failure
Works from -35℃ to 50℃
The 850W air conditioner enables the station to function in cold spells and heat waves.
Resists Strong Wind for Safe Take-off and Landing
S400E can take off and land safely with wind blowing by at 12m/s (the max wind speed S400E can resist is 12.5m/s when flying). The docking station is IP54 rated, so you can deploy it to places where harsh weather is a common occurence.
Accurate Weather Monitoring
K01 is equipped with a weather station that you can use on all kinds of terrains to monitor the local weather.
Control Relay
Your S400E can take off and proceed to its missions when you activate the docking station. In case of emergencies, e.g., losing control of the drone in windy or rainy days, K01 will take over the control and land the drone safely.
Weather Station
K01 has a weather station that collects data on wind speed, precipitation, temp., moisture, air pressure, and more, so it can provide essential info for safe take-off and landing.
Surveillance 24/7
2 cameras are installed near and within the housing to keep a close eye on the station and the drone.
Real-time Data Collection
K01 has sensors that collect info on smoke, temp., water, and many more within the housing so you can know if the device is in a drone-friendly environment.
UVER Intelligent Manangement Platform
For Efficient Drone Missions on the Next Level
UVER is the platform where you link the command center, the docking stations, and the drones together. It allows you to give instructions at the command center and then see real-time footage captured by the payload. When the mission is completed, all the data or footage will be uploaded to the cloud automatically.
How K01 Works?
Schedule drone missions at the command center — Assign the missions to docking stations and drones — Cloud server automatically breaks down and analyzes the missions — K01 and S400E execute the missions and live stream footage or data back to the command center — Missions completed — Drones back to the stations and transfer data and analysis to the command center.
We Have A Vision and You're In it
We have a vision that professionals like you use our drones, stations, and payloads with big data, IoT, and AI to create an eco system in the low altitude, so the collected and analyzed data can be shared across industries, be it animal conservation, urban management, or law enforcement, and better decisions can be made at the end of the day.
Multi-device Management
Access the data and status of multiple docking stations and drones all in one place.
AI Analysis
AI analyzes data gathered from scenarios to help with better decision making.
Data Sharing
The system sends processed data and results to relevant staff only.
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