PVL-8K Camera
What You See Is What You Get
We designed PVL-8K with photo stitching and 3D modeling capabilities in mind. Its 1-inch sensor and 12.8 mm focal length enable you to capture images with a resolution up to 48MP and record 4K videos at 30fps. Plus, the three-axis stabilization gimbal was engineered with an altitude control algorithm, so your shots can remain steady even in windy conditions.
Clear Is The Word
PVL-8K can take photos with a resolution up to 48MP, so you can find missing bolts and nuts of a transmission tower from afar, take detail-rich photos for orthomosaic maps, and reconstruct 3D models with visually-realistic textures.
Mini Yet Mighty
Weighing under 290 grams and easy to go around with in a small case, the 8K camera is friendly to outdoor missions when you automatically go for equipment that meets your needs and is lightweight at the same time.
One for Many
Use 8K camera across sectors as it was built with versatility in focus. Apart from photo stitching and 3D modeling, you can use it to stream live footage of a fire scene back to the control center, inspect power grids with clear shots, patrolling factories that are suspicious of illegally discharging pollutants, and many more.
Steady, Stable, and Smooth
The 3-axis stabilization gimbal was configured with an altitude control algorithm, which enables its stabilization accuracy to reach 0.01°. When in windy conditions, the gimbal makes sure the camera remains steady with the deviation from desired orientation along pan, roll, and tilt axises under 0.01 degrees, so the photo-taking and video-recording with the 8K camera can be a smooth experience.
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