GDU RC SEE Smart Remote Controller
GDU RC SEE is a smart remote controller capable of internet accessing, GPS positioning, and LAN building. It stores and analyzes data, post-processes and outputs videos through its many ports, and builds networks that allow for dataflow, so you can have enhanced efficiency. With Android 9, you can interact with RC SEE intuitively, install Apps, and improve them with your own edition.
Low-latency Live Feeds From 15 km Away
The stable network between RC SEE and GDU drone(s) allows high-definition videos to be fed to your controller from places up to 15 km away with low latency, delivering an experience that makes you say wow.
Versatile Is the Word
RC SEE is the essential part of the network where signals can be relayed from drone to drone. Also, you can use it to control more than just one GDU drone, taking your flight experience to new heights.
It Goes Long
With a lithium battery of 7,000 mAh built inside, RC SEE allows you to use it for up to 3 hours. With fast charging, you can get it back to full power in 2.2 hours and even work on your project for 6 hours straight with the optional external battery.
Sunlight Readable with 1000 nits
RC SEE is engineered with a 7.02-inch display that features a resolution of 1920 × 1200 and brightness up to 1000 nits, so you can see video feeds and read numbers clearly in direct sunlight.
Rugged Build
IP54 rated, RC SEE was designed to perform stably, be it in the cold of -20℃ or heat wave of 55℃.
Possibilities Await
RC SEE comes with a variety of ports at the back, giving you all kind of possibilities to explore, say insert a SIM card into the slot to enjoy stable 4G signals; expand the RC's storage space with an SD card of 128GB; or connect the RC to a large screen with an HDMI cable to share what the drone is seeing with everyone in the room.
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