Biodiversity Protection
At GDU, we use target recognition, infrared thermal imaging, auto drone flights, and more to help restore the degrading biodiversity in the Yangtze River.
All Of Our Best Technologies At Use
We built a whole new platform for the project with the best technologies available to us.
Algorithm to the Rescue
We use algorithms to keep an eye on key water areas 24/7, so law enforcement doesn't suffer from burnout.
We use AI to streamline the workflow, so cases can be found and closed real quick.
Aquatic Biodiversity
Coastal Management
Crackdown on Illegal Sand Mining
Monitoring 24/7
All-weather, real-time monitoring drones, EO/IR cameras, or LiDAR
Intelligent Analysis
Algorithms process the captured footage, lock in on, track the person(s) of interest, and send for law enforcement.
All for Quick Action
Law enforcement team can have access to footage, notifications of emergencies, and coordinates of person(s) of interest on the mobile app, so actions can be quick.
Key Products
PVL-8K Camera
24/7 Monitoring
Cameras installed along the river can seamlessly cover key areas and monitor those places 24/7
Unmanned Inspection
With drones and docks, law enforcement team can schedule flights to patrol the river remotely.
Intelligent Analysis
We built the platform with an analysis system to facilitate data analysis and decision making.
Four-In-One Prevention
We combined cameras on high places, commercial drones, speed boat team, and motor team together to keep illegal sand mining from the riverbed at bay.
Automatic Notifications
The AI-powered system recognizes, locks in on, tracks person(s) of interest, and sends notifications to law enforcement immediately.
All for Action
We built the workflow with action-taking prioritized — cameras recognize illegal sand mining, system sends for help, and law enforcement taking actions.
Smart Fishing Ban APP
We tailored a mobile app for the law enforcement team to download, so they can have gated access to real-time camera footage, get notified in case of emergencies, get directed to the point of interest, and upload on-site photos and videos to a cloud service when closing the case.
User Cases
GDU's smart fishing ban plan was affirmed by Ma Youxiang, Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs
On October 19, 2021, Ma Youxiang, deputy minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, visited the work of fishing ban in the Yangtze River. Minister Ma Youxiang fully affirmed GDU's work .
GDU accompanies the investigation of fishing ban work
On December 16, 2020, the research team of Yu Kangzhen, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and his team went to the Fishery Administration Wharf in Hankou River Beach, Wuhan City to investigate and guide the implementation of the fishing ban work in the Wuhan section of the Yangtze River Basin.
GDU assists the environmental air quality monitoring of the ecological environment monitoring center station
On June 14, 2022, the Hubei Provincial Ecological Environment Monitoring Center Station enabled drones to carry out monitoring, making full use of advanced technology and equipment. As a technical support unit for monitoring activities, GDU used the S400 UAV equipped with a gas detector and an infrared dual-sensor camera to successfully complete this monitoring task.
GDU helps Jiangling County to open a new model of "smart fishing ban"
On May 18, 2022, the Jingzhou Jiangling County , through the Fishery Administration Intelligent Supervision and Command Platform deployed by GDU, inspected the key waters of the Jiangling section, with a total coastline of 61.4km and a water area of more than 40 square kilometers.
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